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Oct 14 2021

Officially a Tripawd Family

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Hubby and I officially became tripawd parents this past weekend. After days with him recuperating, sometimes it still feels so surreal. I still have trouble looking at the wound (he wears a shirt), and cringe at the idea of how much pain he must’ve suffered whenever I apply compresses or salves for him. But I’m also so proud that our boy is such a fighter, a survivor. We’re glad to have made this decision to save him even at 9.5 yo, and that’s partly for the resources and info provided by the Tripawds group. It gave us more confidence that we can have more time with him and beat the odds of his cancer!

Photo of our baby pre-op, taken by the wonderful surgical staff 🙂

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10 Responses to “Officially a Tripawd Family”

  1.   adminon 14 Oct 2021 at 5:40 pm     Reply1

    Welcome and thank you for sharing your fighter’s story. Your future blog posts and pages will publish immediately without requiring moderation.

    You will find much more help and feedback in the discussion forums or by searching the member blogs. Start here for help finding the many Tripawds Resources an assistance programs.

  2.   jerryon 14 Oct 2021 at 8:10 pm     Reply2

    Awww what a sweetheart! He makes my heart melt. I can’t wait to find out all the details. Thanks for starting a blog so we can support you in recovery and beyond. Sending lots of love and Tripawd Power your way!

    •   momofanubison 20 Oct 2021 at 10:03 pm     Reply3

      Thank you for the site and the support/resources available. We’re grateful that we’re not alone <3

  3.   Karenon 20 Oct 2021 at 12:59 am     Reply4

    So glad to have found this site. My baby, Maisy is also 9.5 yrs old and had her amputation surgery today. It’s so scary and I don’t know what to expect. They said they were going to send her lymph nodes out to have them checked for cancer. I’m praying it hasn’t spread. I’ve been feeling guilty doing this to her, but the doctor told me I’m relieving her pain. Praying for all tripawds.

    •   momofanubison 20 Oct 2021 at 10:26 pm     Reply5

      Hi Karen, thank you for your comment and welcome! Hopefully, Maisy is recovering well 🙂 I’m in the same boat with you. For days we contemplated about the surgery, but decided to go for it cause dogs are just more resilient than we are (I think it was more of a mental block for us cause you just don’t see many tripawds). And yes, the pain was no joke! Before the surgery, we lapsed a couple days without meds and I thought he was dying (no energy or appetite)! I felt so guilty for letting him suffer like that. Now my biggest worry is whether his one front limb can handle his active nature 😀

      What cancer does Maisy have that required amputation? Anubis has osteosarcoma (bone cancer) and a huge tumor resulted from the pathological fracture, but I’m new to all this so don’t want to assume that’s what she has too.

  4.   Karenon 23 Oct 2021 at 2:15 pm     Reply6

    Maisy also has osteosarcoma and it was in her right front distal where the cancer started. We came home from the shore and all of a sudden she started to limp and that’s when I noticed the bump. At first my vet said let’s treat it as an injury, but I knew in my heart it wasn’t. After 2 weeks he took
    X-rays and saw the cancer. It took hundreds of phone calls trying to find a place who would even look at her to do the amputation. My last ditch effort after weeks of searching was to contact U Penn, Ryan Veterinarian Hospital. At first they emailed me back and said they were booked till Nov and I
    Responded that my dog will be near death if I wait that long. 2 days later they called me to tell me they had a cancellation and could I come to Philly the next day. We dropped everything and went. Lucky for us she was accepted into a Radiation Proton Study there cause the surgery was at no cost to us. I thank God for these ppl everyday. She received exceptional care. Her surgery was on Tuesday Oct 19th. We picked her up yesterday. She had an elevated heart rate so they wanted to keep her in ICU a few days. It turns out she had fluid in her tummy so the got that out. She was able to come home. It’s been a rough go. I guess I really didn’t think it would be this rough without the one leg. But, she’s an 90 lb red boned coonhound black lab mix so I think the larger dogs have a much harder time. Just praying her lab work comes back negative for any spread. Praying for my baby.

    •   momofanubison 24 Oct 2021 at 11:51 pm     Reply7

      Wow, Anubis’ tumor was also in his right front limb (poor guy can no longer chew big bones cause he doesn’t know how to hold it with his other arm LOL!). I haven’t heard the Radiation Proton Study before, but glad to hear Maisy received great care during the process and she’s recovering well at home 🙂

      Your story sounds so similar to ours.. on an outing, started limping, noticed swelling. And I agree that bigger dogs seem to have more mobility issues/worries after amputation. Hubby is constantly worried that his other arm will fail and he’d be “doomed”. Have you done anything different in terms of food/supplement for Maisy since the surgery?

      It was the same with us too in terms of finding a surgeon to perform the surgery, but glad we found the one we did in the nick of time, and everything worked out! Sometimes when it feels like all hope is lost, we see a little ray of sunshine <3

  5.   Karenon 27 Oct 2021 at 1:57 am     Reply8

    I started to feed her Fresh Pet Vital Grain free. I read on here that carbs feed the cancer so I’m trying to be careful as to what carbs she eats. She’s been on it for 3 days and loves it. I’ve also been giving her some pumpkin cause she was constipated. I will start up again on her cosequin. I’m also thinking about hydrotherapy, but it’s like $150 a session and with paying for chemo I’m not sure if I could afford it. I will check into other exercises she can do that will strengthen her remaining limbs. Praying her pathology tests come back with no spread. 🙏🏻

  6.   Karenon 28 Oct 2021 at 8:49 pm     Reply9

    I have started her back on Cosequin. I also switched her to Frexh Pet Vital Grain free food. It’s not cheap, like $31 for a bag that lasts about 5 days. I did this cause I read on here they a Doctor that carbohydrates feed the cancer. So she’s on a strict diet where she’s getting food that’s lower in carbs. I’m going to talk to U Penn and ask if I should get a brace for her other front leg. My girl is so big, 90lbs and they say dogs carry 70% of their weight in the front. I have steps going out to my back yard so I’m hoping those won’t be an issue. I just worry when winter comes and it becomes slippery. I’m going to look for a cuccurim and turmeric supplement for her as well. I’d love to do hydrotherapy but it’s $150 a session and On top of chemo and we just found out we have to pay $2500 to U Penn for her 3 day stay in ICU. They told us it wasn’t covered under the Study. Then I just took my cat to an oncologist and they did another ultrasound and aspiration to see what kind of cancer he has. That cost me $1000 today. Ugh. Im going broke. These procedures are so expensive. My cat is 14, he’ll be 15 in May so I’m not really sure abt doing chemo maybe just something to keep him comfortable. I really can’t afford and don’t want to go back into debt. You should go on the Tripaws FB and Tripawds as well.

  7.   Karenon 01 Nov 2021 at 2:55 am     Reply10

    As far as food I’m going to change her diet. I may go to a raw food diet. I read carbs feed the cancer. I also give Maisy cosequin. I’d like to see if there’s a turmeric supplement I can give her. I know some ppl have used CBD oil.

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